Nena’s Three Chihuahuas Find Homes

December 2, 2021
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Since my mom passed earlier this year, I’ve been on a mission to find all her beloved pets great loving homes. I started with the livestock and continued with her smaller domestic pets. My mom had a total of seven dogs: two large ones, one medium, and four little ones. I had found homes for one of the larger ones and the medium one plus had decided to keep the other large one and one of the small; I had three little ones left to find good homes for… the three chihuahuas.

My mom’s three chihuahuas (Frida, Bandit, Mia), were very lovable dogs but were a bit on the older side. I was finding it difficult in finding them good homes. As time passed and the thoughts of my mom’s passing began to settle further, I began to feel overwhelmed. My top priority was to provide the best life I could for all her pets and I felt like I was failing with all of them, including the two I had chosen to keep.

I and other friends had reached out to some rescues nearby without any luck. Many shelters and rescues are facing unprecedented volumes of pets as people that acquired them during the pandemic were now beginning to surrender them as life has return to “normal” and they find themselves unable to care for them. As I continued my search, tapping my social networks, to find the three chihuahuas a good home, I came across the Texas Chihuahua Rescue one evening and decided to send a message on their website:

Good afternoon,

My name is Jorge Luis. This year has been a difficult year. My mom and step-father both passed away from COVID in September. My mom loved animals and with living out in the country (Falls City, TX), she had quite a few pets… everything from livestock (that she treated as pets) to peacocks to the usual domestic ones (dogs, cats, birds, fish, etc). I’ve found homes for most and will be keeping some, but I have three very lovable chihuahuas I’ve been trying to find a home for with little success.

I would like to inquire to see if you all would be able to assist me. Overall, at the beginning, there was about 12 cows, 12 geese, 10 goats/sheep, a couple of donkeys, a friendly hog, a couple of peacocks, even a llama along with 7 dogs, about 10 cats, 15 birds, several fish tanks… my main goal has been to find everyone a good home where they’ll be loved and cared for just as much as my mom did. They all deserve to have a great happy life filled with joy and plenty of loving attention. I feel like I’m dropping the ball as my attention is spread between five dogs (including a large 120 lb dog), and overall it’s not fair to all of them. I’m keeping the large dog and one of the small ones, but hoping to find the other three a good home soon.

Please let me know if we can have a phone conversation and I can go into much more detail regarding the situation. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jorge Luis

Tamie, from the Texas Chihuahua Rescue, responded right away and long story short, I can not be any more grateful for the incredible support that they provided at one of my most times of need. The magnitude of gratefulness I feel for the Texas Chihuahua Rescue is unmeasurable. They stepped in and helped me with my mom’s chihuahuas; helping to find them good homes and in the meantime, giving them the love that they deserve. With the help of the Texas Chihuahua Rescue, Frida, Bandit, and Mia are on their way to loving caring homes where I’m sure they’ll be spoiled with love and attention.

I am absolutely positive that my mom would be very appreciative of all that the Texas Chihuahua Rescue has done. Not only did they provide such wonderful compassion and assistance to her pets, but also to myself, her only son; my mom’s heart would be filled with so much love and gratitude.

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Darlene Whalley

Hi Jorge,
I just wanted you to know that I adopted Bandit- who is now called Mick. I live in a small town in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada and rest assured he is VERY well loved and spoiled. I am a recently retired nurse and I lost my 15 yr old dog in January. It left a big hole in my life that I knew I would fill by adopting another dog. I have wanted a chihuahua forever and then I found the Texas Chihuahua Rescue. Then I saw Mick- it was love at first sight for me!!!! Even though he’s older I knew in my heart that we were meant to be together. I am so VERY happy with Mick!!! He has settled in like he’s been here his whole life. He makes me extremely happy. He is such a sweet, gentle dog.It’s really impressive that you took such care in finding homes for all of your Mom’s pets. Quite obviously you were honoring her memory and legacy by doing so. She can rest easy knowing that her beloved pets are safe and loved. I’m so sorry for the loss of your Mom.
Please feel free to email me if you would like as I would be happy to keep you updated on Mick if you are interested.

Take care

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